5 Ways People Ruin Their Own Divorce Case

12 December 2022
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Divorce proceedings involve high stakes and deal with the dissolution of a home, making them especially emotional. You'll want to take the right steps to encourage a positive outcome. However, litigants tend to be their own worst enemies. Learn five common ways people ruin their own divorce cases.

1. Rushing the Process 

Don't file hastily thinking that it will benefit you to file before your estranged spouse. Take time to research lawyers and find the right one for you. You will not benefit from filing first if you don't have the best representation for your case. Look for experience, success rate, and personality to pick the right lawyer.

2. Leaving the Family Home 

Heated arguments make it hard to cohabit with your ex peacefully. Some spouses leave for a hotel or get another place to live to avoid toxic interactions. However, that sets the expectation that your spouse will live in the house after the fact. The situation becomes even worse when you have children involved. Leaving the family home means you actively left the children in the care of your ex yourself. Why shouldn't the judge do the same?

As difficult as it may be, learn to live with your ex at the beginning of the proceedings until you establish future living arrangements with the court. 

3. Losing Composure

Maintain control over your emotions throughout the divorce. Judges tend to rule unfavorably for litigants who burst out suddenly. Not only do you need to keep your cool in court, but you need to address the situation as level-headed as you can outside of court, too. Speak to your ex civilly. Remember that emails, texts, social media posts, and voice recordings can be used against you in court. 

4. Jumping Into a New Relationship

It can look bad for a newly single person to jump into a new relationship, especially if proof of the relationship exists before the divorce. The judge can even bestow punishments for adultery in some states. Take new relationships slowly, especially when you already have children.  

5. Don't Sign Too Hastily

Many litigants want to get the paperwork over with quickly only to find that the divorce process takes longer than expected. Don't be tempted to sign a bad deal simply because you want to finalize the situation. You will feel the impacts of the bad agreement for years. 

Don't hurt your own divorce proceedings. Get therapy for the emotional parts of the situation and work with your lawyer to complete your business.

For more info, reach out to a local divorce attorney.