Divorce Lawyers: 3 Things You Should Do To Simplify The Divorce Process

18 August 2022
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Going through a divorce isn't just disruptive but also lengthy, confusing, and emotional. Actually, it's even more overwhelming when you aren't adequately prepared. Unfortunately, most people don't know the best way to get prepared when divorcing. Usually, simple things can save you the hassle or complicate the matter. Hiring a competent divorce lawyer is among the first things you should do when filing a divorce case. The lawyer protects your rights, builds a compelling story and defensive strategy, presents evidence in court, and negotiates for a favorable settlement on your behalf. However, you are expected to do the following to make your case simpler.

Get All Your Marriage Documents Together

You definitely need to get your marriage documents when filing for divorce. The documents are usually part of the evidence you need to prove your case. Although you may have legitimate reasons to divorce and win custody, a lack of key marriage documents could complicate your case. For this reason, ensure you prepare your marriage license and post and pre-nuptial agreements. Your divorce lawyer will require them when presenting your case in court. Make several copies and keep the original documents in a safe place. If you have trust documents or a living will, ensure your lawyer has several copies because they need them when building your case.

Compile All Crucial Financial Documents

Financial paperwork is usually inevitable in a divorce case. However, you need to know the financial documents that are more relevant to your case. Start by listing all your assets, including those you jointly own. It's good to know that retirement accounts, medical bills, bank accounts, vehicles, and credit cards are part of the assets you should compile. The judges may want to see them before they determine your case. You should also give accurate information regarding your debts. For this reason, indicate whether you have any student, vehicle, house, or retirement plan loans. Ensure you also make copies of your tax returns and other relevant financial documents.

Outline Your New Parenting Arrangement

As you divorce, the two of you have a lot of things to think about. You need to agree on the parenting arrangement you will adopt to ensure your kids don't suffer. But before you do so, you should learn more about the custody process and child support requirements in your state to create a more effective custody plan. Consider things like visitations, school breaks, holidays, and special occasions when drafting a parenting arrangement. Furthermore, ensure you create a calendar to help you handle transportation and communication issues and canceled visits.  

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