Slipping And Tripping Accidents: How They Occur And How A Lawyer Can Help

8 March 2022
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Some injuries caused by tripping or slipping require minor treatment. However, some are quite tragic and require one to undergo extensive and prolonged treatment. For this reason, it is paramount to stay vigilant when working or walking in hazardous areas in order to prevent such accidents. That said, here are some reasons why slip and fall accidents occur and how a personal injury lawyer can help you when it's time to seek compensation.

Walking on Wet or Uneven Surfaces

Generally, walking on wet or uneven surfaces is risky. Other hazardous situations include walking on a cluttered floor, defective sidewalks, torn carpet, and poorly constructed stairways. You can also sustain injuries when you walk on loose mats and recently waxed or mopped floors. 

Essentially, every property owner must conduct regular inspections to ensure their floors and walkways are dry and safe for workers and clients. Besides, they must install warning signs in dangerous areas, informing everyone to be more careful.

Improper Training

Machines cause some of the most fatal accidents in workplaces. They include cuts, broken bones, crushed hands, organ damage, and permanent disability. In many cases, these accidents happen because of improper training of the operators. 

Typically, employers should train their workers in high-risk industries how to use their tools of the trade. They should also provide workers with protective gear to keep them safe when operating machines or working in dangerous areas.

Nursing Home Negligence

Senior citizens are at a high risk of slipping or tripping because of a reduced sense of balance. As a result, many of them sustain hip fractures and other life-threatening injuries that affect them for the rest of their lives. 

Unfortunately, some caregivers in nursing homes do not assist and monitor their patients properly. As a result, they slip or trip as they walk around the premises, sustaining severe injuries. Anyone involved in these accidents can sue the administration or caregivers for negligence. First, however, they have to prove that the faulty party failed to offer them the assistance they needed.

If you or your loved one sustains injuries in any of the accidents above, contact a personal injury lawyer immediately. They will evaluate your case to know whether you stand a chance of getting compensated. Your legal advisor will then investigate the incident to determine who failed in their duty, causing the accident. Finally, they will file a claim, ensuring that you get acceptable compensation for your injuries and losses.