Three Things Your Lawyer Cannot Do For You Or Against You

26 October 2015
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Although you may marvel at the power lawyers have, and may even be slightly intimidated by your own lawyer, there are limitations to what lawyers can and cannot do. You may be surprised to discover some of these things, because they are not common knowledge. However, if you think about each of the following three things that your lawyer cannot do for you or against you, it all makes sense.

1. Your Lawyer Cannot Sue You for Nonpayment

If you have racked up quite a bit in service fees with your lawyer, and he or she has now finished your case, he or she cannot sue you for nonpayment. A lawyer cannot legally sue a current or past client of his or her firm, so you are protected from that standpoint. However, your lawyer can pursue other avenues to extract the money you owe, including sending your bill to a credit agency and/or bill collector. Unless you have some serious issues with why you do not want to pay your lawyer, it is a good idea to pay him or her in case you need your lawyer's services and assistance again in the future.

2. Your Lawyer Cannot Help You Sue Somebody If That Somebody Is Already Represented by His/Her Firm

A general attorney can assist you with many legal issues, from family law to suing your obnoxious neighbor for harassment. However, if that obnoxious neighbor is already a client with the same firm, your lawyer will refer you to another firm, since he or she is not legally allowed to sue any other client, past or present, that is listed in the firm's client files. While the thought of having to pay two retainers to handle your separate issues is distressing, it also means that your obnoxious neighbor cannot use his or her lawyer from the same firm to sue you in return.

3. Your Lawyer Cannot Further Incriminate You in a Criminal Case

Regardless of your innocence or guilt or even the heinousness of your crime, your lawyer cannot further incriminate you. To do so is grounds for disbarment, since your lawyer would not be representing your best interests, but his or her own political or personal agenda. It is also considered a type of corruption within the legal system, since you or the county in which you reside is paying for the lawyer's services and a fair trial or fair hearing.

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